Global Leadership for the 21st Century

Los Angeles Global Call2Business
Speakers Al Caperna, Os Hillman, and Paul Cuny address business leaders from around the world, mobilizing them for The Great Commission


European Economic Summit - Amsterdam
World leaders from 23 nations gather with the world's top economists to discover and develop new economic paradigms for Europe from the economics of the Bible


Days of Elijah Conference
Paul Wilbur's prophetic conference with Chuck Pierce, Dr. Michael Brown and Paul Cuny


Our Mission 

MarketPlace Leadership International exists to bring the message of the Kingdom of God to business and government leaders around the world through teaching, writing, and empowering leaders to live life by the highest standards of the Kingdom.

How We Do This

  • Train, mentor, and awaken leaders to their holy calling
  • Teach the practical application of the principles of the Kingdom Economy through churches, conferences, and seminars
  • Identify and connect with like-minded leaders around the world to train, encourage and provide wise counsel
  • Serve as an ambassador of the Gospel of the Kingdom to business, government, and church leaders around the world
  • Provide relevant, biblically-based teaching materials and books that clearly articulate the practical message of the Kingdom for the 21st Century



Word for Our Day
Are You Choosing to Live the Lower Life?

God’s anointing is the one factor that empowers men and women called to leadership to do extraordinary things that produce a cultural change.  It has always been this way because that anointing enables us to implement His strategies for positive change not only in ministry, but in our businesses, our cities, and our nations. Yet, men and women with this God-given passion for business or government are so often confused by this God-given passion and calling and their desire to serve God. They think if they choose that passion, they are choosing to live a "lower life," or choosing the "lesser thing" and therefore not worthy of God's anointing. 

Choosing your passion for business or government is not an excuse to live the "lower life". You do not have to leave that anointing behind. This is a religious mindset that has paralyzed culture and allowed for the evil one to assume positions of power and influence largely uncontested.

You are not choosing the "lower life," or the "lesser thing" when you choose your God-given passion.  The same anointing, the same power to influence and transform, is available to you whether you serve God as a pastor, in commerce, or in government. We are not victims of a culture that may seem unfriendly.  God's anointing will bring about the transformation we all seek and He will give it to those who are ready to implement His strategic plan for mankind.  Ask God for this anointing, then walk in it and live the Higher life!

Upcoming Speaker Events

June 8-11
Recrie Congresso Nacional
São Paulo, Brazil


Books By Paul Cuny
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The world is looking for solutions and the men and women of our generation with the heart and spirit of Nehemiah are the ones who carry those solutions. Nehemiah People issues the clarion call for you to be God's agents of change in our day. Here is what they are saying about Nehemiah People:

"...This is one of the more important books of our time. I have distributed several copies to marketplace leaders and professionals, as well as to Heads of State."
J. Gunnar Olson, Founder
International Christian Chamber of Commerce - ICCC

"...Finally a book that gives believers who are not called to traditional, full-time church ministry, permission to be who God called them to be without feeling like they are choosing a lower life..."
Dick Westerhof, Co-Sr Pastor, God's Embassy, Amsterdam  
Founder of the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation 

"...This book will inspire marketplace leaders to rise up and take their place on the wall. I know because I was inspired!"
Graham Power, Executive Chairman, Power Group
Founder of Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical            

"... I promise you that a revelation of the Kingdom awaits you inside these pages!"
Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music Artist, Paul Wilbur Ministries

"...Paul Cuny has given us a wonderful expose on the leadership lessons of Nehemiah and how each of us can learn and apply these same principles to be change agents in our culture."
Os Hillman, Author of Change Agent  


Secrets of the Kingdom Economy reveals the timeless principles of the economic system God established for His people, beginning with the Exodus. It is filled with biblical and prophetic insight, as well as, rich illustrations of the how to's. Here is what they are saying about Secrets of the Kingdom Economy:

"....Secrets of the Kingdom Economy is a meaningful, thoughtful, impacting book.  I highly recommend this book!"
Samuel Chiang, International Orality Network
Lausanne Movement 

" of the best books ever for workplace leaders..." 
Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders
Author, 9 to 5 Window

"This book is a riveting read.  It is changing my life! It is a business plan based on the Bible."
Ong Siow Aik, Founder & Managing Director
OSA Industries Group of Companies, SINGAPORE

"...This will be a guidebook for the future!  Paul Cuny is truly a modern day prophet!"
Roland Moody
Call2Business Leadership Team

MLI is a 501C-3 non-profit organization with a functioning board and finance committee.  We teach God's integrity all over the world and we live and operate by these same principles.  You can help us  fulfill our mandate to change the economies of nations by donating. If you would like to donate to one of our upcoming projects, please click on the donate button below.  Thank you for considering us with your giving.