LA Global Call2Business 
In Los Angeles, with speakers Al Caperna, Os Hillman, Chuck Price, Paul Cuny and Leaders from Around the World Mobilizing Business Leaders for the Great Commission

MarketPlace Leadership 
In Lusaka Zambia, Paul Cuny and
Pastor Bill Winston held a MarketPlace
Leadership Conference for Business
and Ministry Leaders

Days of Elijah Conference 
with Paul Wilbur, Chuck Pierce, 
Dr. Michael Brown, Paul Cuny & others


Our mission is to serve as ambassadors who assist others in producing a Kingdom change in commerce and government in the nations of the world.  We teach God's people how to live life by the principles of the Kingdom of God, as they are outlined in Scripture. We bring the message of the Kingdom to commerce and government professionals and leaders around the world. We fulfill God's assignment for us by working with teams of proven ministry and marketplace people who live and teach the Kingdom principles from a Biblical world view. Our mandate is a Biblical one that was first declared by Jesus when He taught His disciples to pray by saying, “…Thy will be done! Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!” The message of the Kingdom is the clarion call of our day.

The assignments we have been given are “…change the economies of nations.” and “…speak to leaders of nations.” Walking out these assignments has taken us to many nations around the globe. We are committed to discipling believers around the world with the Biblical principles of the Kingdom in the areas of economics and leadership.

Economies change when leaders commit to the practical Biblical applications of the Kingdom of God. Our role is to equip others to fulfill their role in this generation and the next. We do this through conferences, churches, books and personal mentoring. We work as a team of leaders dedicated to this end. It is our privilege to go as His ambassadors, representing the King of our Government - the Kingdom of God.


Choosing the Lower Life or the Lesser Thing

Kingdom leaders cannot be effective without God’s anointing.  Without it we are ordinary; with it we can effect change in cities and nations.  Many of God’s leaders are coming out of the shadows, as the hunger for the Kingdom of God grows in His people.  God is the one who creates that hunger in us and that hunger is a precursor to change.  We decide whether we will yield to the hunger and take action, or continue living an ordinary existence that is safe and risk free.

Recently, during one of my early morning times of prayer, the Lord spoke the following phrase to me: “Lower Life”.  This is how He clarified it.

Some of us consider living in the marketplace as an excuse to live the ‘lower life’ in Christ.  Men and women with a passion for business and government are confused by that passion and this intense desire and anointing they have to serve God.  In their minds they say ‘I have to make a choice!”  They feel when they choose their passion, they have to leave that anointing and choose the ‘lower life’ or the ‘lesser thing’.  This is a religious mindset that has paralyzed culture and allowed for the evil one to assume positions of power and influence largely uncontested.  You are not choosing the ‘lower life’ or the ‘lesser thing’ when you choose this passion.  The same anointing, the same power to influence and transform is available to you whether your calling is the pastorate or commerce.  It is His anointing that brings the transformation we all seek and it is God who gives it to us to implement His strategic plan for mankind.  Ask God for this anointing, walk in it, and life the Higher Life!  

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June 25-27
International Christian Chamber of Commerce Americas Regional Conference
Minneapolis, MN
July 5, 12 
Joshua Christian Faith Center
11am Sunday Morning Service
Pastors Dr. Frederick & Gloria Pinkney
July 22-25, 2015
Fire & Glory Conference
Juiz de Fora, Brazil
August 26-28
European Economic Summt - New Economic Paradigms
Government and Public Policy Roundtable
Relational Thinking and the Economics of Mutuality
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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September 11-12
European Economic Summit - Transformational Businesses
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September 24-26, 2015
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Nehemiah People defines the sacred calling to bring divine order outside the walls of the church house in our generation. You will discover your destiny and purpose in society through Nehemiah People. This compelling book describes the development process, and the challenges men and women with this type of calling will most certainly face in our generation. This well researched book is filled with rich biblical insight and practical applications in a 21st Century context. Nehemiah People explains God's endorsement process for men and women who will implement His solutions in our generation. This book issues the clarion call for you to fulfill those purposes. Our world is looking for solutions and the men an women of our generation with the heart and spirit of Nehemiah are the ones who carry those solutions. Nehemiah People will give you permission to be who God destined you to be in your generation! Here is what they are saying about Nehemiah People:

"...Paul Cuny's book Nehemiah People has been waiting to be written for a long time. Finally a book that gives believers who are not called to traditional, full time church ministry, permission to be who God called them to be without feeling like they are choosing a lower life..."      

Dick Westerhof, Co-Sr Pastor, God's Embassy, Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Founder of the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation

  "...This book will inspire marketplace leaders to rise up and take their place on the wall. I know because I was inspired!"                

Dr. Graham Power, Executive Chairman, Power Group
Founder of Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical            

"...Who are these Nehemiah People and where do we find them? I promise you that a revelation of the Kingdom awaits you inside these pages!"  

Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music Artist, Paul Wilbur Ministries    
"...Paul Cuny has given us a wonderful expose on the leadership lessons of Nehemiah and how each of us can learn and apply these same principles to be change agents in our culture. I encourage you to read this book and apply it's timeless principles!"              

Os Hillman, Author of Change Agent

Secrets of the Kingdom Economy is a book that defines the Kingdom world view for business, government, management and leadership. This compelling book reveals the timeless principles of the economic system God established for His people, beginning with the Exodus. Secrets of the Kingdom Economy is filled with biblical and prophetic insight, as well as, rich illustrations of the how to's. Using the Scripture as the basis in each chapter, Secrets of the Kingdom Economy outlines these powerful Kingdom principles in a clear, understandable way. Here is what they are saying about Secrets of the Kingdom Economy:

 "You might be asking yourselves 'Is this just another grandiose title with no substance to fill in the blanks?'   I can assure revelation and impartation await you inside the covers of this book."

Paul Wilbur, Paul Wilbur Ministries

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Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders
"Secrets of the Kingdom Economy is without a doubt, soon to become a consulting manual for leaders willing to transform society!"
Dr. DSL Alejandro Amaya
"Every Christian business person should use this book as their company manual."
Pastor Ian Johnson, Aukland, New Zealand
"Secrets of the Kingdom Economy is a riveting read.  It is changing my life… This book has sharpened my sense of mission in my business. It is a business plan based on the Bible."                                                             
Ong Siow Aik, Founder & Managing Director
OSA Industries Group of Companies, SINGAPORE

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