Key Events of the Year 2015

March, 2015 - Kingdom Business Conference - Charleston Southern University

This was a Call2Business event in collaboration with our friend Doug Hunter and Charleston Southern Samuel RolandUniversity.  I worked with our team of Roland Moody and Al Caperna to help organize this second annual event.  I led a breakout session.  It was a great privilege and our hosts were, once again, amazing. The main speaker was my good friend Os Hillman, along with Al and Cathy Caperna, Samuel Chiang of International Orality Network and the Lausanne Movement, and a host of others.  

June 2015 - Joshua Christian Faith Center, Jacksonville, Florida

Joshua ChristianI had the privilege of speaking two Sunday morning services at this great church, led by Pastors Frederic and Gloria Pinkney.  I talked about one of the deepest and richest themes of Scripture - Covenant Relationships.  

June 2015 - International Christian Chamber of Commerce - Americas Conference, Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA

This is a new season for the ICCC.  It was a privilege to be here and listen to the heart of the many leaders who were present from all over the world. I had the honor of delivering a word this gathering that provided some confirmation and encouragement.

KCIA Awakening Conference - Connecticut



July, 2015 - Fire & Glory Conference - Juiz de Fora, Brazil

FG 2015One of my "assignments" from the Lord is the nation of Brazil. This dynamic conference has been hosted for over 20 years by Apostles Dan and Marti Duke, and it is aptly named. The glory of God was manifested to people desperate for His presence. It was a privilege to once again speak at this life-changing conference of over 4,000 F&G Juiz de Forapeople hungry for the presence of God. These meeting are life changing and no one walks away untouched by the presence of God. As you can see by one of these pictures I took at 11:15 pm, the Fire & Glory is not for the casual observers of faith in Jesus. I personally left this meeting touched by God.

 July 2015 - Graça Para As Nações - São Gonçalo, Brazil

Graca Para as NacoesPastor Gerson invited me to preach in his church at the Fire & Glory and it was a God-appointed time. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality, generosity, and the hunger of the congregation. Pastor Gerson and I agreed this was one of those moments of divine convergence.

 European Economic Summit - Amsterdam, Netherlands