Recent Key Events

European Economic Summit - The Hague & Amsterdam

A by-invitation-only meeting, the Economic Summit is a gathering of international Christian leaders in government, politics, and business.  This meeting is filled with committed leaders who are dedicated to finding practical application of the economic principles of Scripture on a national level.  I have had the privilege of serving on the Steering Committee for a number of years.





Congresso Nacional Recrie - São Paulo, Brazil

This is a national meeting with 6,000-7,000 people from all over Brazil.  Recrie hosts this prophetic meeting annually and it included targeted meetings for medical professionals, political and government leaders, business and ministry leaders from all over the nation. I have had the honor of being a featured speaker for 4 years.


KCIA Awakening Conference - Connecticut


Fire & Glory Conference - Juiz de Fora, Brazil

FG 2015One of my "assignments" from the Lord is the nation of Brazil. This dynamic conference has been hosted for over 20 years by Apostles Dan and Marti Duke, and it is aptly named. The glory of God was manifested to people desperate for His presence. It was a privilege to once again speak at this life-changing conference of over 4,000 F&G Juiz de Forapeople hungry for the presence of God. These meetings are life changing and no one walks away untouched by the presence of God. As you can see by one of these pictures I took at 11:15 pm, the Fire & Glory is not for the casual observers of faith in Jesus. I personally left this meeting touched by God.

Graça Para As Nações - São Gonçalo, Brazil

Graca Para as NacoesPastor Gerson invited me to preach in his church at the Fire & Glory and it was a God-appointed time. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality, generosity, and the hunger of the congregation. Pastor Gerson and I agreed this was one of those moments of divine convergence.

Nehemiah Leaders Conference - Denver, Colorado

The Nehemiah Leaders Conference was indeed a conference of leaders from around the Mid-West United States. Two hundred CEO and Senior Management leaders came together for a truly remarkable God filled day.