Key Events

Congresso Nacional Do Recrie - Sao Paulo, Brasil

European Economic Summit - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This by invitation only Summit was filled with leaders from 23 nations around the world.  Our goal was to establish new economic paradigms for Europe that are based on those God has given us in Scripture.  Some of the world's leading economists gave us presentations. These men and women also happened to be Spirit filled believers in Jesus.  This Summit was filled with government, education, and business leaders from around the world. It was an amazing event to be part of. To serve on the Organizing and Steering Committee in an event of this magnitude is one of the great privileges of my life.

Shalom Comunidade Cristã - Uberlandia, Brazil

It was an honor to speak at this great church of several thousand.  On Saturday night, I led a Kingdom Economy seminar for Brazilian business leaders and Sunday morning and night I preached the services. This was special for me because 1 1/2 weeks before I left, the Lord gave me a specific word to deliver. To travel as an ambassador of the Lord is always a great privilege, as well as a great responsibility.